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Indian Incentive Program

The Indian Incentive Program (IIP) is a congressionally sponsored program that provides a 5% rebate back to the prime contractor on the total amount subcontracted to an Indian-Owned Economic Enterprise or Indian Organization, in accordance with DFARS Clause 252.226-7001. Through the generation of subcontracts to the above mentioned entities, the IIP fulfills its purpose as an economic multiplier for Native American communities. Department of Defense (DoD) prime contractors, regardless of size of contract, that contain the above referenced clause(s) are eligible for incentive payments.

The Tribaleaux Group can assist your company with business development and creating alliances that will allow you to participate in the Indian Incentive Program and have opportunities to partake in 8(a) and HUBZone set-aside contracts where applicable.


There are unique advantages for Alaska Native Companies and tribally-owned 8(a) enterprises through the SBA 8(a) SDB program. Tribaleaux Group can help your business fully utilize the opportunities available under this program for tribal enterprises. 


  • Tribally owned 8(a) companies are exempt from some of the restrictions applicable to other SBA 8(a) small disadvantaged businesses. Because of the regulatory exemptions, these companies can achieve a status known as “super 8(a) status”.

  • Tribally owned 8(a) companies can receive sole source contracts of any value, and the size standard limitations do not apply.

  • These companies may organize and operate multiple 8(a) companies without regard to affiliation, provided that the NAICS codes are unique to each company.

  • Tribal 8(a) enterprises are not subject to the affiliation rules regarding size standard determinations by the SBA.

  • Companies that have at least 51% ownership by a tribe are considered to be socially and economically disadvantaged without a formal explanation required.

  • These enterprises can waive the 2-year minimum requirement for having been in business if they can provide an acceptable business plan. This business plan must indicate that the business can meet the performance requirements for SBA 8(a) companies. See 13CFR 124.109(c)(6)ii).

  • The US government can directly outsource non-inherently governmental services to a trbal 8(a) enterprise without a study or cost comparison.

  • Tribally owned enterprises or Native American-owned enterprises that are located within “Indian Country” are automatically eligible for HUBZone certification. HUBZone (Historically Underutilized Business Zone) businesses are required to be located within an area designated as a HUBZone area and must meet SBA regulation requirements. Qualifying businesses are eligible for Federal contracting preferences. SBA has recently ruled that all of “Indian Country” qualifies for HUBZone status. Therefore, businesses located within Tribal boundaries or in alliances with tribal governments may be eligible for this preference.



The Tribaleaux Group can help Native American enterprises utilize these unique contracting preferences to help their business find new opportunities for growth. We bring the resources and know how necessary to acquire these advantages. We will help your business form strategic alliances or teaming arrangements between businesses and Native American or Tribal owned enterprises.

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